Tuesday, 17 January 2017

“2 Years Needed To Fix Abuja Airport If Not Shutdown” – Julius Berger Says

A construction company Julius Berger has said that to fix the runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja will take as much as two years without closure.

Speaking on Tuesday, January 17, at a meeting with Nigerian lawmakers, the managing director of Julius Berger Wolfgang Goetsch said the airport can as well be fixed without shutting it down.

That he said would take the company two years to finish the work on the airport’s runway.

He also said that if there were only spot damages on the runway, the repairs can be done locally.
“It can be shut down in the night. The spot can be repaired in the morning and temporarily given back for usage,” Goetsch said.
“But the state of the runway in Abuja, extent of damage and deterioration. The whole runway from one end to the other end is damaged.
“This means that if the method of spot repair is loose, you start from one side of the runway, lock it in the night and in the morning to open it up for traffic,” he said.
He added that this implies that the spot repair will take two and half years to keep the runway stable for use.
“There is absolutely no option than to close the runway for these six weeks because it is not a repair work. It is a new construction of the whole surface of the building.”
He said the repairs have to include an interlocked layers to guarantee a lifespan of at least 10 years, in the interest of stakeholders.
“On our end, we guarantee that within the 6 weeks, the repair work is done. This is subject to the fulfillment of the obligation of all stakeholders,” he said.
“Under the leadership of the minister of State for aviation, all stakeholders are on board.
“Everything is going on very smoothly according to plan and there is no doubt that the obligation of all stakeholders is fulfilled.”

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