Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Abductors’ car crashes as victim escapes in motion

A grey Toyota Camry car with registration number (Delta) ASB-310 AH crashed yesterday in Awka, the Anambra State capital, few minutes after a 20-year-old girl escaped from the abductors’ car.
The girl, identified simply as Tochi, was reportedly abducted by some hoodlums but outsmarted her assailants by falling off the car in motion.

Eyewitnesses said though Tochi was injured, she escaped from her abductors.

At the time of filing this report yesterday, she was receiving treatment at the emergency unit of the Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital in Awka.

Tochi was reportedly abducted by two men at the Holy Ghost area of Awka Ring Road.
Her abductors were said to be heading to Nibo when the car crashed.

The hoodlums were said to have sped off with the girl, but her loud cries and shouts attracted passersby who chased her abductors with a motorcycle before the lady fell off the car.

Confirming the incident yesterday, police spokesperson Nkeiruka Nwode, an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), said men of the command were on the trail of the suspects.

She assured that the hoodlums would be apprehended.

Nwode also said investigations had begun on the matter.

The spokesperson said the security of life and property was a collective responsibility, adding that the residents needed to give the police genuine information on criminal activities.

An eyewitness, who spoke in confidence, said Tochi’s injury when she fell from the speeding car stopped the residents from chasing her abductors.

He said saving her life was more important than catching the hoodlums.

The eyewitness said: “I was at my house, at Mopol House, when we heard a loud shout of the lady inside a moving car. As we came out, I saw the girl’s leg outside the car; it was being dragged on the road as the car moved. I mounted my motorcycle and started chasing them. But in a jiffy, she fell off the vehicle. I stopped because the girl sustained serious injuries. Blood was gushing from her face and legs.

“We began to look for means of taking her to a hospital. Fortunately, a ‘Good Samaritan’ took her to Amaku Hospital (Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital).

“Shortly after they left, a woman ran to where we were standing. She said a Camry car just somersaulted a pole from us. I said it must be the criminals’ car. We rushed to the place and, behold, it was that car.

“But before we got there, the abductors had escaped. In fact, I came with a police patrol team.
“Before they took the girl to the hospital, she was saying the criminals were with her automated teller machine (ATM), ID card and other things. But I later found the ATM on the road where she fell offn the car.”

Another man who was among those who chased the hoodlums said: “I was standing along the road when that vehicle passed by me. The girl sighted me and started calling my name, saying: ‘Uncle, these people are criminals. They are taking me away.’

“I chased them. But half way, I became afraid that they might be armed. I turned back and went to their house to inform her people.”

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