Wednesday, 18 January 2017

ARG commemorates Awo’s policy

The Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG) has described January 17 as the greatest day in the history of modern Yoruba society, being the day the Action Group (AG)’s education policy was launched.
The pan-Yoruba sociopolitical group, in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Kunle Famoriyo, said the policy remains an enduring legacy.

The statement quoted Emeritus Prof Richard Sklar who, in writing about the policy in 1963, said: “Possibly no single decision of the decade prior to independence had been more fateful for the development of the political economy of Nigeria”.

The group urged Southwest governors and local government administrators on the need for urgent education reforms.

“Our leaders need to re-adopt Awolowo’s welfarist stance.”

The group listed what it called three dividends of the policy by virtue of which it said “Awolowo will continue to be the reference point for political leadership.”

“First, the policy liberated the womenfolk and resolved the issue of gender parity even before any global affirmative action began.

“Second, the policy made education the pivot upon which the organisation of the society revolved.

“Third, the education policy proved also to be prophetic in its own right. Little did anybody know that an outright strange, if not stupid, philosophy of governance would soon ravage Nigeria through military might, seeking to subsume every other cultures under it.”

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