Saturday, 28 January 2017

Drunk doctor allegedly kills patient during operation in Zimbabwe

A medical doctor in Zimbabwe, Henry Harry Mushuku of Gutu Mission Hospital, has allegedly killed a patient during a childbirth operation. The deceased identified as Locadi Mbindi died after the delivery of her baby two weeks ago.

According to a Zim Eye Report, Dr. Mushuku conducted the operation under the influence of alcohol resulting in the death of the patient.

But commenting on the incident, Gutu District Medical Officer, Dr. Tapiwa Mupepe, said the woman died of delivery complications.
'The woman died as a result of delivery complications and we are in the process of analysing the matter.' he said.
Masvingo Provincial Medical Director, Dr. Amadeus Shamu who also confirmed the incident said investigations were ongoing.
'I have heard about the incident but let me say investigations are under way. I can furnish you with further details after receiving a comprehensive report on the matter.'
It's however understood that the medical doctor was under the influence of alcohol when he operated on her.

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