Wednesday, 18 January 2017

'I don’t know why the Police stopped giving me food' - Murderer cries out in Court

Daniel Asiedu, one of the two persons being tried for the murder of a Ghanaian member of Parliament says he is being starved in the police cell and has been subjected to survive on leftovers.
Asiedu and his accomplice, Vincent Bosso were arrested for stabbing JB Danquah Adu to death at his Shiashie residence in Accra on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.
The culprits who were armed had gone to the house of the deceased where Asiedu entered the bedroom of the deceased through the window while he was asleep and began to search the room until noise woke up the deceased who held him. 
Asiedu resisted and stabbed the deceased on the right chest above the breast which led to his death. 
Appearing at an Accra court on Tuesday, when Judge Stephen Owusu asked if he had any challenges at the prison cell, he said:
''The Police Service have stopped giving me food and I depend on leftovers. Since December 30, last year till date the Police have not been giving me food and they have also asked my family members not to bring me food in cells.  
My Lord, I feed on leftovers and when I collect them I pray over it and eat, I don’t know why the Police have stopped giving me food. Now if the Police give me food again, I will not eat it.'
When asked why, Asiedu said he would like to talk to his counsel in private. 
Superintendent of Police, Mr. Francis Baah said he had also spoken to the Defence Counsel, Mr. Augustines Obuor who complained about the feeding of his client. 
According to Mr. Baah, the problem was a result of miscommunication with the Criminal Investigation Department kitchen and the driver who transports food to the accused. However, the prosecutor said he had informed his superiors who would be addressing the issue.
The court told prosecution to continue to feed the accused person adding 'if he rejects the food then you would have done your part'. 
The court adjourned the matter to January 31, awaiting the advice from the Attorney General

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