Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I’m not in a competition with Timi Dakolo or anyone else’ - Darey

On February 6, 2011 softsell magazine, City People crowned Darey Art Alade as Nigeria’s King of R&B. Fast forward to 2017, in this exclusive chat with the award winning singer, we asked him Who is the King of RnB in Nigeria?
‘I have no idea, I don’t know. First of all, how many people are even making RnB music? So, I don’t know’.
Our reporters queried further asking about an alleged feud between Darey and Timi Dakolo.

He responded saying, ‘You can’t tell me people think there is some kind of rival. I speak for myself, over the years, I have been making my music and I have never been in any competition with anybody. I’m only in competition with myself. I try to improve on anything I have done before. 
I won’t say I am in competition with anybody and I don’t think anybody out there should think they are in competition with anybody else. Just do your own thing and make good music’ he said.

Asked if he’ll consider a collaboration with Timi Dakolo, ‘we have not talked about it but who knows? I know I have spoken to Banky W about making music together. I think when the right time comes. We are all brothers. In fact, Banky is my cousin, so no problem. It’s really about the music. 
When the moment comes and the music is right, there could be collaboration. That would be nice. Maybe, me, Timi and others would join hands and do like a national anthem for the ladies’.

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