Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Phoebe Dami-Asolo wants 2017 Brides to Learn From Her Wedding Planning Process With This Video

Phoebe's husband popped the question on the 1st of January 2016 and they didn’t get married till the 1st and 3rd of December, 2016. Phoebe had her introduction in April after which she started planning her wedding! 8 months of planning #PDA16! Phoebe looks back now and wish that there were more people who were real with her about the process of planning weddings.

She wished more people told her how best to deal with vendors, how to manage the stress and that if one is not careful, the process of planning a wedding can actually put a strain on one's relationship. Hence, this video has been put together to prevent brides from making some mistakes she made and just make lives a little easier. We all know how big the wedding industry was in 2016.

Phoebe got married in 2016, she has been a bridesmaid and a chief bridesmaid numerous times so she's in a safe position to give the following advice to upcoming brides

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