Monday, 30 January 2017

'Rap is dead' in Nigeria - Terry Tha Rapman supports Yung6ix

Earlier today, rapper Yung6ix expressed his frustration with Nigerian rap music with a tweet that reads, 'When I wanna listen to African rap I play Yung6ix and SA rappers wtf is going on with the Nigerian Rappers ? Wake up'.
Apparently he's not alone in his line of thoughts. LIB reached out to other Nigerian rappers to comment on the issue and our first response came from a veteran in the industry, Terry Tha Rapman who says,

 'I kinda get where he's coming from. I've been stressing this for long,when I said 'rap is dead' in Nigeria I didn't mean nobody is rapping. I meant we (being the fans,media and promoters) stopped supporting rap music as it should be at a point'.
He continued to say, 'Now would you blame rappers for fine tuning their style? Rappers hardly get the airplay/support as our pop counterparts so after years we started adapting. I still believe there's hope. We are far from the days of Trybesmen, 2shotz, Ruggedman, Modenine and when MI dropped Talk About It and MI2. We need more rap concerts to promote hip-hop culture. The few ones I've been to were not encouraging'.

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