Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"Respect each other except she stole your man" Iheoma Nnadi advise ladies on Instagram

Former MBGN, Iheoma Nnadi has taken to her Instagram page to advise ladies to respect and uplift each other. The only time you're permitted to loose your respect for a fellow woman is if she stole your man.
She wrote;

"For every woman out there!! Lately I've been seeing women mock, condemn and even curse each other out on social media. it is so painful, I mean we have all made mistakes In our lives, all of us! So why are we so quick to call another woman out, why is the word "bitch" such a trend now. 
we women really need to encourage and most importantly pray for each other.. you can save her life with kind words.. that will never take anything out of you. A lot of women will hate this post as good things are barely promoted but may God touch your heart.. God bless us! #spreadlovenothate#womenpower #supportwomen we are all beautiful and we all can be successful. #respecteachotherexceptshestoleyourman 😊

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