Friday, 27 January 2017

Woman stabbed to death during robbery at childcare centre run by nuns

 Two men have been arrested for stabbing a young woman, 24 year old  Helena Kmiec to death at a childcare centre run by nuns. Kmiec was stabbed during what police believe was a robbery at the nursery where she worked.
The childcare centre, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is run by Polish nuns.

"We need to find out the motive of the murder, it could be for robbery, for rape or some other motive," a police official said.
 Kmiec arrived Cochabamba only two weeks ago before she was stabbed in a senseless act. According to a Vatican news report, she was killed at night after waking up when she heard a disturbance at the centre.
 Government Minister Carlos Romero confirmed the arrests..The suspects were named as Sergio Oscar Flores Rivera and Romualdo Mamio do Santos.

"Yes, people have been arrested but we are in the investigation phase. When we have more elements, we will give information through a statement. "We still don't have information because we are continuing the investigation," he said.
Source: UK Mirror

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