Friday, 27 January 2017

Zimbabwe offers workers land instead of bonuses amid stagnated economic

Zimbabwean authorities have offered residential land to government employees instead of the usual annual bonuses following the country's stagnated economic. According to a Reuter report, the country’s labour unions rejected the proposal, saying the land offered was not of much value.
The residential lands are seen as unattractive, with most of them lacking basic amenities such as roads, electricity and sewerage.

Speaking at a meeting on Wednesday, the secretary-general of the Progressive Teachers Union in Zimbabwe, Raymond Majongwe described the government’s offer as 'madness' and said the union members rejected it.

However, the Zimbabwe’s public sector workers are said to paid an annual bonus equivalent to a month’s salary every November and December but the government which spends more than $250 million monthly on salaries has not revealed when the 2016 payment will be made.

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