Thursday, 16 February 2017

Big Brother Housemates Nail tonghts Task

Housemates wins week 4 100% wager, The Housemates worked extra hard and put in "110%" to make sure they aced their presentation this week!

The Housemates performed a musical as group where TBoss played a young girl who is a gifted painter but who's father (Jon) does not approve of her vocation. She flees to go make it big in the city but struggles to make ends meet until one day a talent scout (Kemen) gives her a big break! They singing and acting was so good everyone watching was raving about the play!

Big brother was impressed too, calling the performance splendid and announcing that the Housemates had won the 100% wager. They ran around the arena screaming before heading to the store to collect their reward. Pizza and an ice cold beer for everyone!

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