Thursday, 2 February 2017

"I thought we were going to die. I cried and prayed to God" Nigerian migrant saved in the Mediterranean

Appy, from Nigeria was one of the people saved in the Mediterranean Sea few days ago by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station. (MOAS).
After his rescue, he told his rescuers:

"I left Nigeria because I was forced to. We had no money, and not enough food to feed all my family. When my father lost his job, me and my older brother decided it was time to leave because it was the only way to survive and try to help our family. The journey to Libya lasted three months; it was terrible.
Crossing the desert, we spent three days with no food or water, and I really don’t know how we survived. 
In Libya, we boarded a rubber boat to get us to Europe, but we got completely lost at sea. I thought we were going to die. I cried and prayed to God. The rubber boat was quickly deflating. When I saw your boat, I thought it was a miracle. Now I know that we are going to Italy and I am happy I made it. From now, I am confident I am going to be able to help my family."

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