Wednesday, 1 February 2017

'No citizen of another country has the constitutional right to enter the U.S'- White House says (Video)

The White House has announced that citizens of other countries don't have any right under the constitution to enter the United States of America after U.S President Donald Trump signed a law last weekend banning the entry of immigrants from 7 Islamic nations.
In a shocking interview, White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller said that every single person denied a visa could file a legal claim because they could not enter the U.S. He said such people who fall into this category enjoy no legal benefits.
"The immigration orders were drafted by a team of some of the most qualified, talented lawyers in the USA," Miller said on Monday's edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the FOX News Channel. "I am proud to have the opportunity tonight to stand up for President Trump's order and to defend the action as lawful, necessary and important."
Watch the video

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