Wednesday, 15 February 2017

President Buhari will spend 8 years in office- Babachir Lawal says

Yesterday. at the Unity Fountain in Abuja the Secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal, says that President Buhari will be in office for eight years, that is till 2019.

 Read what he said below....

 “Baba Buhari didn’t anticipate the problem that we are in. I’m sure you are all aware. The people     who caused this problem are the ones challenging the government. I tell you that they will fail in the name of God. In fact, they have failed. You are aware of the economy that the president inherited, the economy in which revenue has virtually collapsed. The infrastructure is no where to be seen. The roads were dilapidated. The schools were dilapidated.  
The hospitals were abandoned. The people who caused it are not worried at all. Shamelessly, they accused the president of not performing. And in fact, some of them wished him dead. But I can assure you that by the grace of God, he will outlive all of them. I assure you that by the grace of God, in the next one year, Nigeria will have a booming economy. We know what they were doing to try to sabotage the activities of government to bring Nigeria back to economic prosperity but the president is also aware. They will fail. Nigeria will never go back to the position it was before 2015. The foundation being laid by the government is solid and nobody, even after the president has finished his eight years, can ever take us back to the pre-2015 days. This, I can assure you".

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