Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Married Mum who clean Homes completely Naked for £45/hr

Married Mum who clean Homes completely Naked for £45/hr

Married Mum who clean Homes completely Naked for £45/hr: 25-year-old mum of one, Emily Nikols, is not your regular kind of mum! Ask why? She doesn't provide for her baby daughter with regular jobs that other people engage in, rather,
she makes £45 per hour (sometimes even more) washing dishes, cleaning cushions and vacuum cleaning rugs completely naked!

 According to Emily from Liverpool, she decided to start the job after hearing about it from a friend which then led her to sign up to firm,Naturist Cleaners on Google.  Emily says the clients are really respectful towards her and don't treat her like a sex object.

 She also said her husband cared about her safety at first when she started the job but that the job affords her financial leverage and he is now fine with it.

 Speaking to Sun UK, Emily said: “To me cleaning naked is really not a big deal – it is completely normal.
I’m just a really confident person and am really comfortably with nudity so being naked doesn’t faze me at all.
“While cleaning naked was something I had never done before, it just felt really natural to do.
“This fits in really well round my daughter, and it is a really well-paid job – the money is good for what you have to do.
“So far it has been a really positive experience. There hasn’t been anything which has made me think twice.
“The clients are really respectful and chivalrous. They carry the hoover up the stairs for me and offer glasses of water.
“The most common question people ask is ‘is it warm enough?’ but after a few minutes carrying a hoover around you definitely are.
“My friends and sisters know and are really supportive. My husband was initially a little concerned for my safety but he trusts me – I am an adult.
“I had a baby nine months ago and I’m sure there are people who would think ‘oh my god’ at my body.
“But I’m not there to be a sex object – so it doesn’t matter if I have a few stretch marks on my hips or a baby belly.
“Everyone has a naked body under their clothes, I’m not sure why we’re all so uptight about it.”

Emily added: “Before my first job I was a little bit nervous but it was completely ok.
“The clients are naturists so for them it is completely normal to be naked, and that makes you feel normal and comfortable.
“It’s not about being sexy or about your own body, it’s about making a naturist person feel happy and comfortable.
“They don’t care if you are young and gorgeous or 65 and wrinkly, it’s about being comfortable nude.
“There is only stigma attached because someone attaches a stigma. If the client is happy and confident you feel like it is a normal thing and there is nothing to be concerned or nervous about.
“I arrive clothed because as much as the client and I don’t have a problem with it, that’s not to say the neighbours don’t mind, and get undressed indoors.
“Then we have a bit of chit chat, I do my jobs and then go. I have never felt uncomfortable but if I ever felt there was anything untoward I would be able to leave.”

Can you do such a job like this married mum who clean homes completely naked for £45/hr?

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