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Stop Living Your Life Based On What You See On Social Media- Blogger, Helen Ozor

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I’ve come to realize that we ladies do a lot just to keep a man and get married . How long will we continue to cover up the flaws we notice while dating all because we want to get married at all cost? And in the end, we still end up being hurt. Celebrities display the ‘perfect life ‘ on social media and make young ladies waste time waiting for a ready made man.
Why post pictures of things your man never bought for you? Who were you trying to impress? The signs will always be there while courting. If you compromise on a lot of things while dating, you will face the same things when you’re married. Trust your instincts while dating.
An irresponsible boyfriend won’t be a responsible husband unless he’s willing to be responsible. A man who will never go all out for you while dating would not go all out for you when you’re married unless he is willing to.
Put love aside, face the reality in your relationship and address the issues in your relationship. Addressing the issues will save you a lot of headache to an extent in your marriage. Never live your life based on what you see on social media. A lot of people fake it here.. it’s just perception and what they want you to see and believe which isn’t exactly as it is.
If you’ve been in a 1 year relationship and your boyfriend has never spent a dime on you, ask him for money even when you know you have money to sort out yourself. If you don’t ask, how will you know if you’re dating a stingy man?
If you’re lucky enough to find a guy who gives you from the little he has, who makes you a priority on his list , hold on to him. You don’t come across such guys these days. A lot of ladies fall for the wrong guys based on their fake lifestyle on social media.
There are a lot of things you can achieve while you’re still single. Marriage is not the ultimate. Stop counting the number of your friends that are married, a lot of them wish they were still single. Live your own life, do you and do what makes you happy. If you live your life based on what you see on social media, you will only kill yourself. Late Bimbo Odukoya once said ‘Love is blind but marriage is the eye opener’.
Why wait to be married when you can open your eyes while dating?
BE WISE! Not all that glitters on social media is gold in real life.

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