Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ali Baba writes - You can be poor and still help someone who is rich

Ali Baba
Ali Baba, the comedian wrote..
"Being kind and helping another is not to be hinged on any disability. You can be poor and still help someone who is rich. You must find what it is that you have inside you, that is your ability.
That is what you will use to uplift the person who may look like they don't need help. So I got a brain wave to assist couples who have issues with having issues and I came up with #FirstFruitProject by partnering with #nordicalagos to make the dreams of those couple come true'. 

'Days after the project account was opened, some of the first people to donate were cancer survivors, physically challenged and less privileged people amongst us. Even a woman who is also waiting on the Lord for her own fruit of the womb donated. That got me'. 

'Then this morning, I saw this picture. The picture informed me to highlight something. When people decide to be of help... don't take it for granted because, whatever they are helping you with COULD JUST BE A SACRIFICE. As you can see in the picture'. 

'In 2006, guy came to ask for assistance because his pregnant wife was in the hospital. On that same day, another guy, who owned a one man band had asked me to loan him money to buy a DSR keyboard. I prioritized. You can then imagine how I felt when I saw him declaring shakks with his friends at a club 2 days later. Sorry I digresesed. No matter your HANDicaps, you can still lend a helping HAND'.
This is how Ali Baba sees it

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