Saturday, 4 February 2017

Your Pastor is not Your Daddy

Your pastor is not your daddy. His wife is not your mummy. Your mum and dad are at home and both need and deserve the love you give to pastors more. Remember we reap what we sow. If you focus on your pastor to the detriment of your poor aged parents, don't expect your own kids to do for you what you refused to do for your parents. Your pastor probably has kids. I am sure his kids do not call you mummy or daddy when you visit his house. They probably laugh at you behind your back, a grown man calling their daddy who might be your age mate or even younger daddy! In a week you call your spiritual daddy 100 times yet in the last 1 year you have not called your biological dad 10 times. Shame on you as you read 1 Timothy 5:8 #RenosNuggets.

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