Thursday, 2 February 2017

Zimbabwe police in over $60M debt

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has revealed that the country's financial crisis have subjected them to a debt of over sixty million dollars.
Speaking to Zimbabwe  Consolidated News, the Parliament’s Home Affairs and Security Service portfolio committee member, Oliver Mandipaka, said:

'ZRP has outstanding payments amounting to $429 968 required to settle bills for Zimbabwe International Trade Fair ($60 000), Heroes Commemoration ($20 000) and procurement of uniform material ($349 968). Moreover, the ZRP alone has another outstanding debt amounting to $63 million owed to service providers like Zesa, Zinwa and TelOne and it dates back to the year 2009.' he said.
Mandipaka, who made the statement while highlighting some of the challenges facing the Police, also said  the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has been failing to pay more than 500 recruits since June last year.
'Our committee was disturbed to learn that 527 new ZRP graduates went without pay since June 2016, despite the fact that they were recruited within the approved establishment. This situation has resulted in the ministry looking for funds from amenities to pay the ZRP graduates, a situation which is not sustainable.' he said

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