Friday, 3 March 2017

Anti-Arsenal Alexis Sanchez protest after only 5 out of 14,000 protesters show up cancelled by Organizers

A protest in Chile to persuade Alexis Sanchez to leave Arsenal had only five people in attendance.
14, 000 people had signed up on Facebook to attend the Wednesday’s event at the Plaza Italia in Santiago in Chile. But the number of people who attended the protest is reported to be only five people.
According to the bio on their Facebook page, the organisers said: ‘We, as Chileans, are tired of watching one of our biggest stars play on his own,’ the page’s bio read.
‘We don’t want him to play at Real Madrid, nor go back to Barcelona, we don’t give a f*ck where he plays, we just want him to fight along with other 10 players to get the results.
However, Alexis Sanchez who joined the club from Barcelona in 2014, is yet to sign a new deal with the Gunners and is reportedly set for a move away from the Emirates.

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