Friday, 10 March 2017

I am feeling much better now- President Buhari says

President Buhari who just returned from a medical vacation from the UK, says he can't recall being so sick while he was a young man and even as a military officer.
According to BBC, President Buhari said this when he spoke at the presidential villa Abuja earlier today:

"I am feeling much better now. There may however be need to have further follow-ups within some weeks.
I have received the best of treatment I can receive. I couldn’t recall ever being so sick since I was a real young man including the military goings ups and downs"he said
According to BBC, he spoke about blood transfusions and the drugs he was taking.

Speaking to Osinbajo, he said
 "Youth and intelligence is clearly behind him, age and purely military experience is purely behind me. I deliberately came back towards the weekend so that the vice-president will continue and I will continue to rest."

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