Friday, 31 March 2017

Jubril - No,This Can’t Be Buhari, The No-nonsense General I Used To Know… Something Is Definitely Wrong

 Suspended member of the house of representatives, Abdulmumin Jibrin,is of the view that President Muhammadu Buhari has been living below expectation regarding some actions he ought to take.
In a series of tweets on Thursday, Jibrin said history would be unkind to the nation’s number one citizen if he does not get his priority right.
Jibrin said the country had been moving “too slow coupled with uncertainty and crisis everywhere”.
“History will be kind to PMB for his intergrity, building opposition and ending insurgency but may never forgive him for his many inactions,” Jibrin tweeted.
“PMB’s inaction are so numerous that you are tempted to doubt if he is aware of his inactions and all the absordity presently going on.
“Is this the Muhammadu Buhari we know? the no nonsense general? Noooooo something is wrong! if not, we would have seen more decisive actions.
“Could it be PMB’s access to information and current happening is restricted in an attempt to reduce his worries and help him fully recover?
“Could it be some powerful people are aware of this situation PMB may be in and are taking advantage of it and/or taking things for granted?
“Well, things are not adding up! uncertainty and crisis everywhere, we are moving too slow when we can move faster. Is the C-in-C even aware?”

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