Monday, 13 March 2017

Notorious cult leader responsible for the murders in Ogoni, Rivers State lynched by angry mob

A notorious cult leader identified as Anderson Kpugitah was lynched by an angry mob after he and his members gunned down a young bar owner in Bori Saturday night.
However, there are conflicting reports about the incident. According to Baritoesae Bonaloo, who posted the photos on Facebook:
"The Government of Khana LGA, under the leadership of Hon. Baridah Nsaanee, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Khana is free from all forms of criminality and killings which have recently crippled socioeconomic activities in Bori and some communities in Khana.

"It is good to know that the security men on guide yesterday gunned down a notorious leader of one of the cult groups, Anderson Kpugitah, who had been reponsible for many killings in Bori. The said ...Anderson masterminded the killing of Nornu Nwibere, who was killed yesterday night in Bori. While other accomplices in the killing of Mr. Nwibere escaped with bullet wounds, the gallant police men on duty ensured that the said Anderson does not live to wreak further havoc. They traced him to where he was finally arrested and taken to the station for interrogation. The said Anderson died this morning while stil under investigation.

"Meanwhile, the security-minded CTC Chairman of Khana has assured the good people of Khana and its visitors of their safety and security. He has called on all stakesholders to work in unity for the purpose of proposing unity in Khana and Ogoni in general".

However, another version said he was lynched by an angry mob after Mr Nwibere was shot dead. According to Emmabie Presido:

"That story has nothing to do with the chairman of khana lga. after the shooting of Nornu, those guys were running thro t.t.c road in bori,main while a mob was chasing them. when they got to fair haven bar, a sars police man sitting in that bar, seeing that they had guns shot at them. they ran into a bush at the back of el-queen hostel. it was this morning that this cannibal lying here crawled out of the bush and ask a passerby to help him. it was at that point mob came out and started the jungle justice on him and he died. what is the credit my friend here is given to the chairman,is the so called chairman not part of those arming the streets of ogoni"

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