Thursday, 30 March 2017

Pastor Stormed Mortuary To Resurrect Wife, But Failed In Nairobi

 A pastor and his followers spent the day at Embu mortuary in Nairobi praying with the hope that his wife will resurrect.

Pastor Robinson Githumba, 40, of Eagle Prophetic Church camped at the Gakwegori funeral from 8 am for the mission.
With bibles, they prayed enthusiastically, singing and shouting at the top of their voices expecting a miracle.
They intend to resurrect Polly Kagendo, 38, who died of TB on Sunday.
Githumba insisted that his wife was not dead but only resting and would resurrect on the fourth day like the biblical Lazarus.
The pastor traveled from Rwika Village, Mbeere South sub-county with his followers.
He asked the mortuary attendants to remove his wife's body and put it in an open place for the prayers.
Drenched in sweat, they continued until 5pm when the attendants sought to return the body as they were to close for the day.
The pastor and his team did not allow the press to enter the mortuary, only speaking to members of the media outside.
He said his wife fell sick and was rushed to Mwea hospital where she passed way. He carried for her clothes to put in case she rose.
She was later transferred to the funeral home for preservation.
Githumba said he believes his wife, 'whom he loved so much', will rise again.
"That is why we are praying for her resurrection. We know God is the most powerful being."
"I know she will be visited after three days the way Jesus visited Lazarus and woke him up from the dead," he said.
"I know this will also happen to my wife," Githumba, a father of four, said.
The woman is set to be buried on Saturday. But with the current development, the plan is likely to change.

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