Monday, 13 March 2017

tHIS new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians Khloe Kardashian introduces her new boyfriend

Quite a lot is going on in this new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. From Scott revealing he's a sex addict to Kim telling how she had to beg her attackers to spare her life,
the Kardashian family are proving that no life story is out-of-bound for airing on TV. For Khloe, her relationship with new boyfriend Tristan Thompson was laid bare on the family's show...

Sunday's premiere of the show saw Khloe introducing the professional basketball player to her family. She was queried by Kourtney about her new boyfriend and their trip together to Mexico and Khloe let the viewers in on her relationship.

'My boyfriend's name is Tristan Thompson, he is a Pisces, he is Jamaican from Toronto and he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers,' Khloe said.
In answer to Kourtney's question about the Mexico trip, she said: "We had just the best time."
Khloe said that she wanted to keep her relationship with Tristan confined especially seeing as their family was an 'intense' one.

"Right now my relationship is really new and I want to keep it close to my heart and not shout everything out from the rooftops. I have learned from the past and it is a lot of pressure to put your relationship out there... I don't need someone directing Tristan and I, so I am very choosy as to who I share my dating life with,' Khloe said.
Kim later joined the sisters and made efforts to pry more intimate details about the relationship from Khloe, but the 32-year-old remained adamant.
"I am dating, I am figuring it out and when I am ready I will tell you, until then mind your own f***ing business," Khloe said with a straight face.
Later on, Khloe agreed to give details of her relationship but made them all promise not to tell Kim, saying she enjoyed tormenting Kim and it was all a game to her. Kim eventually got to know about Tristan after Khloe secretly organised to have Tristan and his friends join them for Kanye West's show in Miami. Khloe introduced Tristan to Kim and Kanye then and Kim seemed excited to finally discover the truth.
"I knew it, Khloe shows up with a new guy. I knew she was messing with me but I am just happy that she is having a good time and starting a new relationship. He is a bit young but I am so excited to tell Jonathan and a couple of my friends," Kim said

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