Friday, 7 April 2017

Man Filmed Himself Raping Terrified Toddler Wearing A Diaper

Real case of an evil pedophile who filmed himself raping a toddler in a nappy has been jailed for the "most serious" cases of child abuse.
Sick Robert McGregor, who filmed his horrific attacks and made videos of it for others to watch, was jailed for 10 years today after grooming and exploiting youngsters for 13 years.

He was caught with a cache of child pornography by police which led them to identify three victims he had sexually assaulted, the Daily Record reports.

In video footage McGregor was seen raping one distressed boy who repeats "no" and "don't".

The 36-year-old also shot film of a three-year-old with his nappy undone as he raped the vulnerable little boy who had no speech.

He also recorded footage of a victim almost being physically sick after he perpetrated a sex act on the boy whom he subjected to years of abuse.
The prosecutor told the High Court in Edinburgh: "Some of the images showed children who appeared to be as young as 12 months old."

Some of the videos were found to feature McGregor raping and sexually abusing three victims who were later identified by police.

McGregor had uploaded five videos to a peer-to-peer internet app which allowed others to view the footage of his abuse of one of his victims.

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