Wednesday, 26 July 2017

19-year-old Ghanaian Constructs New Search Engine To Compete With Google And YouTube

19-year-old Ghanaian university student, Gabriel Opare is making headlines in the tech industry for building a new search engine to compete with Google and Youtube.

Opare, a level 300 sociology student of the University of Ghana who taught himself how to code by taking online courses during his free time.

According to Opare, his new search engine, Mudclo, will challenge the dominance of YouTube and Google.

Mudclo is a free search engine for videos where you can discover and stream videos from the different locations on the internet all in one place.  

“I believe that my business is good enough and that it can scale globally. It is a legitimate point to say that YouTube is a video hosting website, but they are two different entities. While YouTube is a video hosting website, Mudclo combines the power of YouTube and two other video hosting websites in order to create Mudclo,”he said .

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