Friday, 14 July 2017

China’s Fattest Man Loses 70 kilograms In 5 Months

China’s fattest man ,Huang Jiaxin who previously weighed an overwhelming 265 kilograms, is set to be released from the hospital after shedding off 70 kilograms within 5 months.
The 26-year-old first made a splash online in February when he fell over himself on the street of central China’s Wuhan City.

It took two hours and over 20 people to lift him and get him inside the ambulance.

Huang was then taken to Chengdu No.3 Hospital to start his weight loss treatment. He was put on a diet, assisted with some physical training.

To help track his weight changes, the hospital even ordered a special platform scale that could weigh him along with the chair. In May, doctors conducted a sleeve gastrectomy on him to help contain his appetite.

 Liu Yanjun, Huang’s doctor-in-charge, is now ready to set him free from the ward, although Liu said Huang is still far from completing his weight loss journey.
“We don’t want him to lose weight too quickly because that will lead to physical dysfunctions,” Liu said, “our plan is designed to help him gradually, slowly and consistently shed weight, and we project he could be reduced to about 100 kilograms a year after the sleeve gastrectomy.”

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