Friday, 14 July 2017

Governor Ganduje - "Without Igbos Kano State Would Not Be This Developed"

Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje,  Kano State governor revealed the importance of Igbos in the development of Kano state..

According to Ganduje, while speaking when the Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, visited him over the death of Danmasanin Kano, Alhaji Maitama Sule, Kano would not have risen to become a commercially recognized centre to reckon with without the presence of the Igbo community and other ethnic nationalities.

The State governor while speaking during the visit blamed the elite in the country for the ongoing secession agitation in the country.

While speaking on the role of elites in the secession agitation, the state governor noted that 
“sometimes, you can have knowledge without wisdom; that is the basis of what is happening to our present elite. That is why we have these ethnic agitations. It has no wisdom.
“Your coming to Kano to console us tells a lot across the divide. It speaks much about the national integration we are trying to achieve.”
 He said that knowledge without wisdom was the cause of the present agitation, stressing that most Nigerians involved in the agitation had knowledge but lacked wisdom.”

He further added: 
“It pains us that some people are calling for separation. When the ejection order or migration order was given, we in Kano said no; that nobody was going anywhere. 
“Here in Kano, we discussed with our youths and we discussed with the people and we discussed with those, who are being referred to as non-indigenes. 
We have abolished that boundary in Kano as everybody residing in Kano is an indigene of Kano State. 
“You can only say that you are an indigene of Kano with primordial claims elsewhere. But as far as we are concerned, you and your children are indigenes of the state.”

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