Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hot Older Men With Over 10 Million Social Media Followers.

These dandy men are over 40 and they are putting younger men to shame by keeping fit, dressing nicely in designer wears and working on their body to maintain their physique.�

Surprisingly,  the hot men have earned huge amount of followers between themselves on Instagram.
Check out a few details and photos of these men below...

1. Gianluca Vacchi 49. ( Followers 10.2 million)

Gianluca is an Italian millionaire businessman who is worth an estimated �229million.

He regularly treats his Instagram followers to hot photos of him strutting around topless. He hit the limelight after a video of him emerging from an anti-aging chamber in pants and boots went viral.

According to reports, he uses the -16C treatment to help keep his skin young and firm.

2. Shan Michael Hefley 54. ( Followers 30,000).

Shan Michael Hefley is a French sponsored athlete and fitness model.

The 54-year-old is proud of showing off his ripped physique.

He not only treats his fans with his pictures of his muscular body but also shares inspiring messages.

3. �Anthony Varrecchia, 54 ( Followers 162, 000).

 Anthony is an American model, a personal trainer, and photographer.

The 54-year-old is another hot dandy older man who always lives his followers with smashing selfies.

He is signed to an agency called Silver Fox Management and was previously dubbed as one of Attitude's Bachelors of the Year 2017.

 4. Irvin Randle, 55 ( Followers 151,000)

Irvin is an American elementary school teacher.�

The fashionista is not just a father but a grandfather-of-two who has been nicknamed by fans �'Mr Steal Your Grandma'

The bearded man is normally seen in dapper suits but also dons hats and a pair of sunnies in his Instagram photos.

5. Philip Dumas, 61 (Followers 39,000).

Philip is a former location unit manager who left his job to become a professional model after his dapper photos went viral on picture sharing platform Imgur.�

The bearded Frenchman who is the oldest on the list.�

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