Saturday, 29 July 2017

#NotTooYoungToRun: Sunny Irakpo Writes Open Letter To Senate President.

I am up with this construct to first of all appreciate the 8th National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ably led under the Leadership of a Distinguished and Seasoned Senator Dr Bukola Saraki the Senate President who has legislatively and remarkably done well for himself and the good people of Nigeria whether by omission or commission.

No doubt his political pedigree and experiential leadership in Governments cannot be overemphasized or taken away from him.

We are strengthened by your legislative acumen and Characterization putting us on the map of Hope for Nigeria though the Cow ran away but you cut the tail for the Nigerian Youths of which we heartily celebrate as we hope to get the whole Cow someday. As a father, you've given to your children what they requested having Maturity and responsibility in Mind .So in life ,you will always receive what you ask.

Since we've asked whether rightly or wrongly, answers to our petition is already granted with all pleasure. So, we happily welcome our latest wife with love but of which we don't know yet how this our beloved wife can be romanced.

It is ideal that the floor is opened for contest whether we go by the David or Goliath Approach.
The truth is Nigeria is overdue for total overhauling of which this present bill is a wake up call. With a sincere heart of gratitude, i am moved to say thank you Distinguished Senate President et'al .
On a second thoughts,this is my humble disposition and submission.

While we've welcomed the bill, please permit me to say to our youths that it is not enough to say #NotTooYoungToRun, we must take responsibilities on Nation Building to further demonstrate our high sense of Patriotism.

Distinguished Senators, we still have some fundamental National issues which needed to be addressed ,if we must make significant progress as a people or a Nation. These problems include many but few highlighted here;

#NotTooYoungToRun: Nigerian Senate passes bill to amend age requirement to run for office.

1.The Need for Value System Reconnection.:The present state of values depreciation particularly amongst our youths calls for urgent attention.We need more avenues for increase in orientation and reorientation through various adoption and implementation of Nationwide programmes. Am aware of the the Change begin with me Mantra of the Federal Government but not efficacious even at the grassroots level. Good thought but poor implementation. If we must reconnect fast to our Values in order to heal our societal ills ,then reawaken from our poorness is now.

2.High Rate of Unemployment Amongst our Youths. It is pathetic,worrisome and Pitiful that our able bodied young men and Ladies who are willing and ready to work but cannot find any job to do after many years from institutions of learning.

Today,Sizeable figures of our youths are unemployed . Sir,you can decode our message without or needless to play with figures for you to be abreast about the present realities of the Nigerian State of unemployment.

Based on our relationship with the grassroots via our ongoing campaign project against social vices such as (Drug Abuse) in Nigeria especially amongst our youths through our initiative,(SILEC Initiatives), a public outcry is done on us to therefore direct our collective concern to the Law Making Apex Body to act prerogatively on this matter of discourse to device solutions to this age Long problem so as to help increase the economic capacity of our youths.

At our end ,we are working harder to compliment the efforts of the Government to salvage the situation.

To our youths,our #NotTooYoungToRun voices is very good but our voices to be empowered economically is Better. It is when we are distinguished in our various economic endeavours that Power Seeking will then be Sweet ,Meaning and Absolute.

Of what use of a knife that cannot cut yam?.Of what use of a head that cannot wear cap?.

Don't forget to remember that the mighty are very much around the political space with their children in foreign lands gaining all forms of empowerment.The Old have more cooperation and network than our able youths.

#NotTooYoungToRun: At 35 years, you can now run to become President in Nigeria.

How many of us the youth,support one another to succeed without pains? Or give support to any one on Nation building projects. My personal experiences and Narrative for 7years now from building projects in Nigeria trying to seek Youth support will shock you . Even picking one's calls or response to messages, a nightmare .We cannot win with these Attitude. The synergy must be right.

You think it will be easy for Power to be relinquished to you? Without working harder?. We need economic empowerment for #NotTooYoungToRun bill can make that tremendous impact. You cannot run when you are hungry. Neither can any good laugh comes from empty stomach.

As we feed our brain , let's also make more efforts to feed our stomach .

For we to avoid singing hard i know as a song, let's our feeding level be at par at least. You will be reminded of this #Notooyoungtorun bill, One day that ,it is you ,same youths that fought for it.
Let's make Nigeria Better and Greater.!

Will Youth Empowerment Bill be a bad idea ?For me , I Say No. I Support Youth Empowerment Bill #YEB Our Senators are blessed already.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I remain Sunny Irakpo,a Patriotic Nigerian ,and A Drug Abuse Free and Youth Advocate...

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