Thursday, 13 July 2017

Students Gang-Raped Female Colleague And Recorded the Act in Adeyemi College Of Education

Four undergraduate students has been arrested for allegedly gang raping a female student of the Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) in Ondo State.

The four culprits were identified as Olakunle Adetuyi, Timilehin Akinola, Tobi Olagbaju and Adebisi Adeyemi, all aged between 24 and 26.

The police are searching for another culprit, Eric Nwage, who has been at large since his cohorts were nabbed by the security agents. The victim is a 22-year-old student from the departments of history and English of the institution.

She is also an estranged girlfriend to Timilehin Akinola of the social studies department in the same college. It was gathered that the victim was lured to the private residence of one of the rapists in Fagun area in Ondo town.

In his confession, Mr. Akinola admitted that he and his friends raped the victim.

“I have been a close friend to her (the victim) and always advised her to shun her wayward attitude, but she wouldn't listen. One day, she called me after the class lecture and said that we should hang out. I later invited her to my friend’s place where we forcefully took turns over her,” he said.
The residence where the crime took place belongs to Mr. Olagbaju who is a part-time student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo in the state. After the student arrived at Mr. Olagbaju’s residence, the gang members took turns raping her.

A very close friend to the victim reported the case to the school private security outfit. Hilda Ibifuro-Harrison, the Ondo State Commissioner of Police, said: “One of the suspects, Olakunle, took a video of their heinous crime and later abandoned her and threatened that they would use charms on her if she ever revealed the incident to anyone.

The phone and charms used in perpetrating the crime were recovered." She added that the victim is currently recuperating at the hospital in Ile Ife, Osun State.

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