Monday, 21 August 2017

After he seduced her on his yacht, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich ‘had secret romance with a Sexy Russian columnist

A tell-all book revealed that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich had a secret romance with a sexy Russian columnist.

In the book written by the Anna Subbotina, a top columnist in Russia, she said the billionaire seduced her on his yacht after he separated from second wife Irina and before dating third wife Dasha Zhukova, who he's currently divorcing after nine years of marriage.

The Chelsea owner is yet to comment on their secret romance but Anna has written about it in a book called Anna’s Tales featuring an oligarch named Romanovich.

In an interview culled from The Sun UK, Anna who's a divorced mother of one spoke about their secret romance and described Abramovich as a 'very sentimental person'.

“He is a very sentimental person. I was told a story about one girl sharing her personal tragedy with him. He bought her a flat after hearing it.

“A year before meeting Roman I went through a very tough divorce. I went through a nervous breakdown and spent a year in hospitals.

“Abramovich was touched by it. Also, I fell in love with him which he definitely felt.”

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Cyril Chills said...

Men don't seduce women. Maybe money did. But whichever way, it wasn't a crime actually.


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