Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Botswana's sprinter Who contracted norovirus is made to run alone

Botswana's athlete, Isaac Makwala had no other option than to make a solo race after being suspended from the initial qualifying race for contracting norovirus.

Makwala was prevented from running in Monday's opening 200 metres heat and Tuesday's 400m final after falling victim to an outbreak of gastroenteritis that also affected about 30 other competitors at the Tower Hotel in London.

 Despite contracting the virus, the 30-year-old athlete booked his place in the semi-final of the 200metres at the World Athletics Championship with a time of 20.20seconds.

Although he was forced to run in the rain compared to his competitors who ran theirs under a normalized weather in the first round two days ago.

After finishing the solo track, the Botswana athlete celebrated the blistering race with some push-ups.

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