Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Even a man can be a victim of domestic violence (Photos)

Anyone could be a victim of domestic violence even the man...

Read below: 

A Nigerian stabbed to death by his African girlfriend in India. Her name is Eveline (Accused) and the victim is popularly known as Eze-Dagbo or Chibueze. Location of the ugly incident is New Delhi, India. Information reaching us states that he lives in the same apartment with the accused and he has already built a bungalow for her at her father's home in Nigeria; and the deceased again established her in India with good business. The accused is from Imo State Nigeria. 

According to information on our desk, Eveline has lived in Libya and other parts of the world before finding her way to India. TCR gathered that the victim has been nice to her but she fights him with weapons on weekly basis. On several occasion, he has abandoned his house with cars and fled to avoid Evelin's violence and weaponry fight but he always comes back because of the love he has for her. 

Whether man or woman, once you are uncomfortable with the relationship, walk away. Once he or she is violent repeatedly, call it a quit. Stay alive guys! Photo Credit Comrade Phils

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