Thursday, 10 August 2017

In Thailand Newborn baby found dead in a dustbin

On Monday, A pedestrian discovered body of a baby in a garbage bin near Rajabhat University Phuket, in Thaiand.

The Kusoldharm Rescue Team and police were called to the location at a soi in front of Dusitburi Village.

Police report the the baby was approximately 7 months old, female, pale skin, black hair and found in a black bag bound with two towels. Also in the bag was found a t-shirt and other articles of garbage.
The pedestrian told the police that she was searching the trash for plastic bottles when she made the grizzly discovery. She says she saw the big black bag, opened it and there was a body inside.

Police suspect the infant might have been from an unplanned pregnancy or from a mother who had problem keeping the baby.

The body was taken to Vachira Hospital for further examination.

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