Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Man spotted caressing the breasts of his underage adopted sister in a train station

A Chinese man has been arrested for molesting his adopted sister while at the Nanjing South Railway station in China.

The 18-year-old man, who is a college student in Nanjing, was arrested on Monday in Henan's Hua County after photos of him with his hands groping the girl's breasts went viral online.

The girl, reportedly under 14 years old, was sitting on her adopted brother's laps and their parents were just beside them when he put his hands into her dress as they waited at the Nanjing South Railway waiting hall.

The woman who took the photos was shocked when she noticed what was going on, but what surprised her the most was the nonchalance of the parents and other relatives who were nearby.
She said: "First I heard the girl sitting opposite to me giggling on the man’s lap and I thought he was tickling her,. I was astonished when I noticed that his hands were not on her waist but on her breast. During the whole process, the girl just played with a cell phone and didn’t struggle at all. The man’s father finally noticed that people around were watching them and asked his son to stand up and leave the place."

The witness, known simply as Chen, said she couldn't report to the police immediately because the man’s family outnumbered her. Others on the train also took photos but did nothing to confront the man as he touched the girl for about five minutes. The photos were later sent to an Chen Lan, an NGO worker who has worked for years to protect abused children, and she shared it on social media while calling on the police to intervene.

After the photos went viral, police officers were sent to the man's home to investigate. There, they arrested the young man. He remains in custody while local authorities are in the process of finding a safe place for the girl to live.The police have vowed to deal with the young man in accordance with the law.

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