Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Nigerian man caught in the middle of the night wearing a 7-year-old neighbor pant and bra for ritual.

Hyacinth, from Abia state but resident in Lagos, was caught by some soldiers at Oduloju street, Sabo-Oniba at about 3 a.m on Saturday, performing the ritual on a bridge in the neighborhood wearing the bra and pant belonging to his 7-year-old neighbor while chanting her name, .
Reports have it that the soldiers heard someone repeatedly chanting “Ijeoma” and they moved closer in the direction of the voice to find Hyacinth.

 Hyacinth ran away upon noticing the soldiers' presence but they went after him and tracked him to his one room home where he lives with his wife and children. His wife pleaded with the soldiers to have mercy on her husband.

Hyacinth allegedly owns no fewer than five shops in ASPAMDA trade fair complex where he is popularly known as A.Y.  He also allegedly owns 7 plots of land at Igbede. His neighbors described him as a kind, generous and religious man who attends Deeper Life church and is referred to as “brother” in the neighborhood.

The suspect has been arrested and transferred to the Sabo-Ajangbadi police station where he is currently being detained.

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