Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sacks and modus for measurement of grains and fruits produce in Benue State Launched by Governor Ortom

Governor of Benue State , Samuel Ortom had launched sacks and mudus for grains and fruits  produce in the state.
The Governor assured farmers that his administration will do everything lawfully possible to ensure that they get value for their produce.

Ortom gave the assurance on Tuesday, at the Makurdi International Market during the official launch of Benue State Unified Standard Weights and Measures.
He stated that the policy was in keeping with his administration's pledge to ensure that farmers are not shortchanged, stressing that the initiative would benefit both farmers and consumers.

While congratulating the Commissioner for Industries, Trade and Investments, Dr. Tersoo Kpelai over the development, Governor Ortom said Benue must live up to the expectations of the Nigerian community in terms of agriculture development.

He encouraged farmers to go into the production of cash crops such as Cucumber, Water Melon and Carrot among others, while also emphasising the need to embrace dry season farming which he said is more lucrative.

Earlier in his address of welcome, Dr.  Kpelai noted that the Unified Standard Weights and Measures was the initiative of Governor Ortom to create an enabling environment for both farmers and buyers to have value for their investments.
He further stated that the new sacks - 28 inches by 47 inches for grains and fruits, 23 inches by 25 inches for garri, 1kg standard mudu for measurement of grains using one hand and 25kg standard tin for measurement of polished/milled rice would not only boost agriculture activities and ensure value for farmers' sweat but also put an end to the perennial suffering farmers go through in the hands of buyers and merchants.
The commissioner stated that an enforcement team would be constituted to ensure full implementation of the policy, warning that no one would be spared if found fabricating or duplicating the standard measurements.

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