Friday, 25 August 2017

Sarah Stage, goes nude at eight months of pregnancy

Finally Sarah Stage's belly is showing a hint of a bump but it's still very flat for a woman who is eight months pregnant.
The fitness enthusiast who is a mother-of-one stripped down for her latest maternity photo shoot.

She's been sharing photos of her nonexistent baby bump since she discovered she was pregnant with her second child and has received criticisms for how flat it is. She was also criticised during her first pregnancy when her tummy remained flat all through but she ended up giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

Just one month away from delivery, Sarah shared a photo to show her growing bump and captioned it: "There's no better gift than to have life growing inside of you! Our bodies are powerful and capable of much more than we can even understand sometimes.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful yet vulnerable time for women and everyone should realize by now that we are all different and our differences should be respected as we are literally growing another human inside of us! I speak for every expectant mama that we just want a healthy and happy baby, and we must surround ourselves with positivity!! I hope that each woman embraces their uniqueness and celebrates such an exciting moment in their life! Thank you @shannonlaurine for capturing this moment. #thirdtrimester #8monthspregnant"

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