Sunday, 6 August 2017

The problems of Ndi Anambra have come to THE LAST BUS STOP!!!"- Actor Yul Edochie says

Yul who has declared his intention to run for the governorship seat of Anambra state come November 18th this year, says at 35 years, he is the best candidate to be the governor of the state.
Read what he wrote on IG this evening below...

"No wonder the people of France elected 39yr old Emmanuel Macron as President, the President of Ireland, Leo Varadkar is 38yrs old, the current Emir of Qatar is 35yrs old.

This is so because the Western world have understood the urgent need to fix the problems of the masses which must be met by young, vibrant, intelligent and decisive leaders.

They have understood that public office is not a retirement place.

We must not be left out.

At 35, there can be no doubt that I'm the perfect candidate to serve the people of Anambra as Governor.

The problems of Ndi Anambra have come to THE LAST BUS STOP!!!".


Unknown said...

Hahahahahahaha let's be serious for ones

Unknown said...

Hahahhaha, no be small serious for once. T


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