Saturday, 19 August 2017

UK Police grants Nigerians permission to protest in front of Abuja House.

Yesterday, Nigerians in UK will join the #ResumeOrResign protest.
According to Facebook user Chidi Cali, the UK police has granted permission and provided security for a peaceful protest in front of Abuja house tonight.

He shared photos on his page with th caption, 'LONDON PROTEST #Buhari #Resume or #Resign. British Police and Kensington and Chelsea Council has provided safety barriers for our guys. The parking in that road has been suspended for car users. TODAY: 18/08/2017 (5pm) to 19/08/2017 (8:30) 2 Campden Hill, Kensington. W8 7AD. Please dress warm as Temperature will drop below 12 degrees'.

1 comment:

precious said...

Honestly, I think the old man should just resign and go face his health. Life is more precious after all


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