Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wike has no evidence against me: Amaechi

Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi has insisted that Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has no evidence to prove his allegations of corruption against him.

He maintained that he ran a transparent administration, devoid of spurious acts and practices, which his successor (Wike) has been attributing to him.

Amaechi, a former chair of Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), in a statement yesterday by his Media Office, declared that his former chief of staff and director-general of Amaechi Re-election Campaign Organisation in 2011, was forging and concocting documents to defame, disparage and vilify him, in his desperate and failed bid to portray him as corrupt.

The Rivers governor, while addressing the Council of Traditional Rulers in Port Harcourt on Monday, claimed he had evidence of Amaechi’s corrupt acts as governor.

Amaechi said: “Wike has nothing, we mean absolutely nothing concrete to prove his fabricated claims. However, we are aware, as a matter of fact, it is now public knowledge that Wike has been forging and distorting a cache of documents in his increasingly frantic efforts to denigrate Amaechi. This forgery and contortion commenced immediately Wike assumed office as governor and it is ongoing.

“Nigerians were shocked a few days back when Livingstone Wechie, the young man Wike used to accuse Amaechi of corruption and write false and frivolous petitions to the National Assembly, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) etc., confessed freely and openly, that all the documents he used to wrongfully portray Amaechi as corrupt when he governed Rivers State, were phony, forged documents given to him by Wike’s Rivers State Government House.”

“It is ludicrous and appalling that Wike is still talking about his credibility-bereft Commission of Enquiry, when Livingstone Wechie also admitted that the forged documents were what were used as the template, the basis for the Justice Omereji-led Judicial Commission of Enquiry, an inquisition panel Wike set up early in his administration to witch-hunt, malign and persecute Amaechi.

“Nigerians are now accustomed to Wike’s shameful charade whenever he says he has ‘evidence’ against Amaechi. How can we forget in a hurry when Wike outrageously claimed he had evidence to prove Amaechi’s ownership of the $43 million Ikoyi money and luxury apartment? In spite of all the noise Wike made, all his over-the-top political dramatisation of Amaechi ownership of the Ikoyi money, Wike could not even go to court to claim the money with his so-called evidence. Wike has suddenly gone deaf and dumb on the Ikoyi money, many months after his seven-day ultimatum for the Federal Government to give him the money or face the mother of all legal actions.

“How can anyone take a character like Wike seriously, especially when he says he has evidence against Amaechi? How can a governor talk so recklessly and irresponsibly?”

The Transportation minister also stated that he will continue to remind Rivers people that his former aide’s (Wike’s) antics were a clear attempt to distract and divert attention from his mindless plundering of the resources of the state and spate of his (Wike’s) induced insecurity in Rivers.

He said: “Wike must realise that every lie has an expiry date. Rivers people are tired and sick of Wike’s fake stories of ‘Amaechi this, Amaechi that’, every day.

“Rather, the people (of Rivers State) want to know what happened to all the billions of naira Wike has collected from the Federal Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC), Paris Club refund, internally-generated revenue and the funds he borrowed.”

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