Friday, 1 September 2017

President Buhari sympathizes with Benue state on massive flood.

President Buhari in a statement released on his Facebook page, sympathized with the victims, adding that he has ordered officials of the National Emergency Management Agency NEMA, to mobilize its personnel and resources that would aid the affected communities.

Read the statement below...

I have received with great concern reports of the flooding in Benue State, displacing, from early estimates, more than 100,000 people. I have directed NEMA to immediately mobilize personnel and resources to the aid of the affected communities and persons.

I will be monitoring and getting updates on the rollout of the Federal Government's humanitarian response to the disaster.

My sympathies go to the Government and people of Benue State.

I assure that the Federal Government will make available ALL the support and assistance needed by the Benue State Government and the affected communities.


Wodi Promise said...

After sympathizing, the solution to avoid it from reoccurring should be provided

Unknown said...

Is it by sympathy, he should provide a solution.


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