Sunday, 3 September 2017

Recognising Nnamdi Kanu is rewarding bad behaviour — ACF

Anthony Sani, the Secretary General of the sociopolitical group, Arewa Consultative Forum
As urged Igbo leaders to desist from hate speech
Hate speech is a serious issue that is capable of splitting the country through avoidable conflagration or war. Yet, Igbo leaders have tended to tacitly endorse the hate speech by the Indigenous People of Biafra through their reticence until very recently – and despite their knowledge of dire experiences of civil war.  
The northern leaders have equally been accused of shielding northern youths said to be guilty of inciting others to violence through the notice to quit they issued to Igbo living in that region. 
Anthony claimed that the accusation is most unfair because northern leaders did not support the notice to quit. For example, the Arewa Consultative Forum said even though it appreciated the youths’ frustrations with the activities of IPOB, the forum did not support the notice to quit because it was unconstitutional and illegal. We said two wrongs do not make a right. Hence, we did not support it. The Northern Governors Forum did not support the notice to quit. The same way the Northern Elders Forum did not support it except one member who supported it out of his anger at the activities of IPOB. After the notice to quit, northern governors and their leaders made a spirited effort and pressured the northern youths to withdraw the ultimatum given to the Igbo to leave the North – this has come to pass. So, how have the northern leaders supported violence through the notice to quit? We should be fair in apportioning blame.
The northern youths have been persuaded by the northern governors and northern leaders to withdraw the notice to quit. This has gone a long way in dousing the tension. To me, that is a heartening development which should attract plaudits from all well-meaning Nigerians – and not from northern governors and northern leaders alone.

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