Saturday, 14 October 2017

15 Year Old Nigerian Girl Commits Suicide By Drinking Rat Poison After Getting Pregnant And Dumped By Her Boyfriend

According to posts by many of her friends, Jero loveth aka Slimzy Jay committed suicide in the early hours of yesterday, after consuming Sniper (an insecticide).
Loveth was a student of Demonstration Secondary School, Warri, Delta State. She had earlier been dumped by her boyfriend ro se, sources say she took her own life due to the heartbreak. A friend also hinted that the late Loveth was pregnant for the boyfriend who dumped her
a look at Slimzy Jay’s social media account shows a truck load of RIP messages clouding her posts.
The identity of the boyfriend of the teenage girl was revealed. He has been Identified as “Ro Se” on Facebook
Simply “Ro Se”, on Facebook, he then took to the platform to share,

For all of you guys that said i was the fault of my hearts death…no problem
may God judge your case….i wont say much…but God bless you all….
It’s was revealed that the trauma of being pregnant at such a young age and been dumped by the love of her life was what led her to end her life.

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