Saturday, 14 October 2017



A depressed lady has taken her problem to social media asking for advice from the CEO AYARA MARGARET BLOG, pls do well to drop your suggestion for her, below is her message
                                           FROM ANONYMOUS

MADAM see wetin my husband dey do me every time if I just go church he go say I go find man na so he go beat me like thief when I return, sometimes of I go home cell come back he go tell Ronason my first son to lock the door say make I go sleep where I dey come from, the other night after the night Vigil I come back dey knock door but he lock me outside again as I sit outside till, my sister call me to come sleep for her house as I dey road dey go two boys slap me take my phone then rape me but till today I no tell anyone, Just yesterday I catch am he dey sleep with my first daughter Wey Come house to write post UME exam, I been want kill myself but I say make I tell you first... help me wetin I go do now, he say if I tell any body he go kill me... SISTER NA MY NEIGHBOUR SAY MAKE I TELL YOU.

please don't misinterpret her predicament just make a suggestion . READ MORE

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