Friday, 27 October 2017

Buhari Administration With Her Power Bike Apologizes To Nigerians

The scandal resulting from the now cancelled re-appointment of wanted ex-pension boss, Maina has left people questioning whether they voted the right administration into power. A fervent Buhari supporter @Chiefladyhur today apologized on twitter for campaigning for Buhari during the 2015 election – preaching the change mantra.

”Throwback to when i used my bike to campaign for Buhari, Preaching Change, God Forgive me, I Just remembered i didnt eat that day, was in calabar. My feet swollen. God see oo, If only they knew how committed we were to see that they win and give us the change, I just want my fuel back i didnt say i voted, Na campaign i do o, Nigerians I’m sorry”

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