Sunday, 29 October 2017

Hushpuppi’s Secret EXPOSED! The Full Story Of His Beef With Friend, Mompha

Hushpuppi recently has been involved in a saga between him and a former close friend of his, Mompha. The Both of them have been exposing their secrets on social of which the most shocking of it all was when Mompha talked about who Hushpuppi really is and where his money is from.
The story is quite long but worth reading

It all started when an Instagram User, Classicbaggie shaded Hushpuppi on Instagram.
Mompha who has recently cut his relationship with Hush replied, also shading the puppi

Hushpuppi then replied

Hushpuppi then threatened to Expose Larry And Mompha

Apparently Larry was arrested For fraud in The US

Mompha then got pissed and began to open Hushpuppi’s a*s

Instablog then added fuel to the fire by saying Mompha was hating on Hushpuppi.
Mompha con vexxxxxxxxxx and he started exposing..

Hushpuppi replied

Mompha Came again

he then posted a picture of Hushpuppi’s father’s cab which he drives in Lagos and what the mother does for a living (click here to view)

Hushpuppi left, Mompha, Right


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